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An expulsion clause in the EU? Will it work?

“When, if at all, can a federal political order expel a member state against its will?” This is my response to Can federations expel member states? On the political theory of expulsion by Eva Marlene Hausteiner. I agree that the absence of legal frameworks for expulsion/secession carries potential risks for any given federal system. It... Continue Reading →

ECJ v GATT/WTO: Comparison of approaches towards non-tariff barriers

This is my response to J. H. H. Weiler’s Towards a Common Law of International Trade. In the EU, Art. 34 TFEU prohibits quantitative restrictions and measures with equivalent effect on intra trade. The ECJ played a crucial role in defining the scope and meaning of non-tariff barriers through landmark cases such as the Dassonville... Continue Reading →

The ASEAN Enhanced Disputes Settlement Mechanism (EDSM): Functional for Economic Growth or Protecting National Sovereignty?

Originally published on 30 Oct 2017 by Suraj Shah at the ASEAN Studies Center (Universitas Gadjah Mada) website. As the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) seeks to deepen regional economic integration, the Enhanced Dispute Settlement Mechanism must avoid politicisation to optimise successful integration and economic development in the region. Dispute Settlement Mechanisms (DSM) are fundamental features... Continue Reading →

The EU as a Patchwork of Models

Various European integration models attempt to explain how each Member State’s national interests are represented at the EU level. The EU is foremost an international organisation that has been established as a result of intergovernmental agreements. Naturally, each member state (MS) is a key actor in the scene; each MS’s interests influence what decisions are... Continue Reading →

Competitiveness Analysis: The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the most competitive country in Europe, according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2019. The country shows consistently high levels of performance in macroeconomic stability, health and infrastructure quality. The Dutch people benefit from a highly developed innovation ecosystem, supported by a highly skilled workforce, vibrant business dynamism and advanced innovation capability. The... Continue Reading →

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