The Importance of EU Foreign Direct Investment to South Korea

Thanks to the EU-Korea FTA, the EU is now Korea’s third-largest trade partner and its third-largest export market (after China and the US); the EU is Korea’s second-largest import market (after China). As for FDI, the EU is the largest investor in Korea, with over 7.1 billion USD in 2019. As of 2019, EU companies... Continue Reading →

How the EU-Korea FTA Impacts Korea’s Agriculture and Labour

Many of the European problems essentially boil down to the conflict between intergovernmentalism (the member states wanting to maintain their sovereignty) and supranationalism (the EU’s tendency towards a higher level of political integration). Churchill’s big-bang approach for a United States of Europe failed, and Monnet’s proposal for a limited economic integration prevailed instead. The Constitutional... Continue Reading →

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