EU’s Overseas Official Development Assistance to Vietnam

In 2018, the EU, together with its Member States, was the third-largest development assistance donors for Vietnam, with a total amount of €425 million (18.1% of all ODA disbursements). Among many things, the EU budget has particularly been instrumental in: installing/upgrading 395 health centres,immunising at least 97% of children under 1 year of age,expanding health... Continue Reading →

Competitiveness Analysis: The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the most competitive country in Europe, according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2019. The country shows consistently high levels of performance in macroeconomic stability, health and infrastructure quality. The Dutch people benefit from a highly developed innovation ecosystem, supported by a highly skilled workforce, vibrant business dynamism and advanced innovation capability. The... Continue Reading →

Growth vs Resilience

“Efficiency comes through optimal adaptation to an existing environment, while resilience requires the capacity to adapt to disruptive changes in the environment.” Efficiency and resilience have long been opposite concepts in various fields, including business management and public administration. The chart below further illustrates that the concept of sustainability could be expressed as a trade-off... Continue Reading →

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